Material Cutting Facilies

Saw Cutting

Band Saw Machines 4 Nos.
170 mm

SPM Saw Cutting Machine 2 Nos.
200 mm

Forging Facilities

Close Die Forging
1 Ton Friction Belt Drop Hammer

Make: Ratan
Trimming Press: 150 Ton
Oil Fired Furnace 300 kg/hr
Induction Billet Heater: 200 KW
Forging Capacity: 0.800 kg to 4 kgs

2.5 Ton Friction Belt Drop Hammer

Make: Ratan
Trimming Press: 300 Ton
Oil Fired Furnace 600 kg/hr
Forging Capacity: 5 kg to 35 kg

Heat Treatment Facilities

Continuous Hardening & Tempering Furnace - 1 & 2

Capacity 1. : 0.5 MT / Hr and Capacity 2. : 2 MT / Hr

Heat Treatment facility :

State of Art
Fully Automatic
Single Switch operation
Supported by SCADA

HT processes carried out:

Hardening & Tempering (Polymer , Oil & Water quenching )
Isothermal Annealing
Stress Relieving

Testing Facilities

Facilities for Metallurgical and Dimensional Testing
Equipment Make
Spectroscope Suntech
Metallurgical Microscope Metco
Brinell Hardness Tester Fine Spavy
Rockwell Hardness Tester Fine Spavy
MPI Electro-Magnafield Controls

Other In House Manufacturing Facility

Die Manufacturing Facilities
Type Of Machine No. Of M/C
Milling Machine 1 No.
Lathe 1 No.
Radial Drill 1 No.